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Hey fellas! Again, journal only in spanish for a comic convention here! (I've gotta do something about this lack of journals of mine :( sorry!)

Hola a todos!

Expomanga celebra una nueva edición en el Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo de Madrid del 16 al 18 de Mayo (este finde!) y, como viene siendo habitual, me tendréis por allí con los lápices a punto y la sonrisa en la boca, listo para dibujar, charlar o echar unas risas. Así que si pensáis pasar por Expomanga, no olvidéis acercaros al stand G38, donde estaré todo el evento con los chicos de Fandogamia editorial! Podréis encontrar un montonazo de camisetas originales, comics muy variados, chapas y, por supuesto, a mi haciendo commissions como si no hubiera un mañana! Echa un ojo a los precios y modelos y no te quedes sin la tuya! ;)

Commissionkind by ElectroCereal

Y aquí os dejo un plano para que sepáis donde paramos!

expomanga2014Plantabaja by ElectroCereal
Nos vemos allí, gente! 

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[Since this journal is about a Mangacon in Spain it's gonna be only in spanish! Sorry, fellas!]   

Hola a todos!

Este año POR FIN estaré en el Salón del Manga de Barcelona! (Y digo por fin porque los últimos 3 o 4 años no he podido asistir por complicaciones de última hora :(). Estaré con los colegas de Fandogamia editorial vendiendo mis posters, marcapáginas, commissions y demás cosillas, así que espero veros por allí! (Y si no tenéis dinero para comprar, al menos pasaos a saludar! :D)

Aparte de los productos de Fandogamia (que podéis encontrar en su tienda, podréis encontrar mis propios productos tanto en el stand comercial de Fandogamia como en los dos stands de fanzines que tenemos también! (ver mapa más abajo)

Si lo que queréis es pasar a saludar y charlar un rato, os recomiendo que paséis por los de fanzines, ya que yo estaré allí el 90% del tiempo ;) Espero veros!

Algunos de los productillos que tendré a la venta allí, y que algunos ya conocéis son: 

-Pack de Posters de Doctor Who:
FANTASTIC COLORS! by ElectroCereal BRILLIANT COLORS! by ElectroCereal COOL COLORS! by ElectroCereal

-Set de Marcapáginas de One Piece:
One Piece - Bookmarks by ElectroCereal

-Poster Harry Potter:
Harry Potter Expocomic09 Color by ElectroCereal

-Últimas unidades de los posters de D&D y Ars Arcana!
PulpComicsmgz cover - Fantasy by ElectroCereal ARS ARCANA - Promo 1 colors by ElectroCereal

Y como novedad, Poster de Ataque a los Titanes!
ATTACK ON COLORS! by ElectroCereal

Aparte de todo esto y alguna cosa más, estaré disponible para hacer commissions a buen precio! Así que no os cortéis y pedid por esa boquita!

CerealBarna by ElectroCereal

Nos vemos allí, gente! Un saludo!

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Quick journal to tell you that i'll be livestreaming some work for a while, bros and brodettes! See you there if you pass by! ;) Don't forget to say hello!

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[Only in spanish this time since it's a spanish con! sorry fellas!]

Bueno bueno! Qué de tiempo!

Ando más liado que ni se, por eso que últimamente no actualice apenas ni nada, pero vengo rápidamente a comentaros que estaré por Expomanga (en Madrid) como es habitual con los colegas de :iconstudiowargh:, Studio Kat y Ruleta Rusa vendiendo posters, marcapáginas, commissions y de charleta con quien se pase! Eso si, sólo estaré viernes y domingo. El sábado puede que me veais por allí un ratete, pero no estaré por el stand ni nada!

Así que dicho queda. Espero que os paseis aunque sea a saludar por el stand de Fandogamia, muchachada! Nos vemos en Expomanga!
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Hey fellas! This journal will be just in spanish, since it's about a spanish convention i'm attending. Sorry 'bout that!


Por poco y se me olvida! Este finde estaré en Madrid, en el Chibi Japan Weekend junto a los colegas de :iconstudiowargh: y Studio Kat, haciendo lo de siempre. Tendremos posters, marcapáginas, chapas y demás parafernalia y yo estaré haciendo commissions bien baratitas como es costumbre ;) Así que si estais por Madrid este finde, no dudeis en pasaros a saludar!! Nos vemos allí!
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Hey folks!
Just a quick update to say that i'm in the Satellite Soda's Daily Draw February (for those of you who doesn't know what it is yet, here's the link!…) and my theme for this year is, same as last one, One Piece!

I'll be boosting my ongoing project of drawing all the One Piece characters on my style (applying redesigns when i feel like it) because it's fun and helps me free my mind for a while. Sadly, i won't upload anything here YET.
Why? Well, because i'm only uploading the finished versions (coloured) to DA and i don't plan to change that now. BUT! I'll upload them daily to my Facebook Page! So, if you wanna check out what i've been doing for each day, either go to the SS forums or go to my facebook page! Easy peasy! :D

Hope i see you there! ;) Stay awesome!
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UPDATE:… I'm starting the livestream now! ;) See you there, fellas!

Hey folks! Gonna do something new for tonight's livestream!

I'll draw whatever you suggest! So, just ask for your favourite character/s, some idea you had or whatever you fancy for me to draw and i'll pick up the most interesting thing among all to do it! You can suggest by commenting in this journal, leaving a comment on my facebook page or using #ElectroDraw on twitter! What are you waiting for?

See you at 22:30 pm (GTM+1), folks!
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Hey everybody!

Just a quick update to let everybody know that i've got a brand new Facebook page in which i'll be uploading sketches, finished work, news and random stuff daily! (or at least, as daily as i can xD)

Feel free to join me in Facebook if you like my stuff and wanna show your love and support, it's much appreciated and i promise you won't regret it! ;)

Thanks, fellas! Stay awesome!
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Hey there fellas! It's been a crazy crazy weekend (yeah, i know we're almost at Thursday now xD shut up) and i have some time now to write a proper journal and explain some of the stuff that has happened!

First of all..I RECEIVED A DD!! Yeah, it's the third one i receive, but it doesn't make it less exciting or surprising for me! I didn't thought the Doctor Who posters would get a DD, nor it would be so quick! First of all, i wanna thank :iconpseudonymousrmy: for suggesting it for DD and :iconalexandrasalas: for featuring it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! And last but not least, i wanna thank YOU ALL for your love and support. Some of you have just started watching me, and some of you have been by my side from almost the beginning, but you all are awesome and i love you all :D I suck at expressing myself, and my english is very very poor to do so, so i'll just say that it's very heartwarming and motivating to feel all your support and love and read all your comments. It really is a big big thing to me and, frankly, i think i don't deserve it, so that makes me even more thankful to you all, bros and brodettes! You really are awesome and are what motivates me to not give up on drawing and stay on track, giving my best day by day!

Second, and this i still don't believe it...the official Doctor Who twitter account from BBCAmerica tweeted my posters! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! Also, the Matt Smith's news twitter did tweet the posters too! I was shocked and couldn't believe that my posters were so good that even the BBCA liked them! And the tumblr post about them is currently on 13000 notes and up! D: I'm still shocked and in disbelief, to be honest xD This is like a dream come true! (Yeah, i mean, i know that it's only some stuff on twitter and in a couple days it will be forgotten..but hey! i never expected it in the first place and that kind of promo and support, as i said earlier, really takes my breath away)

I'm getting back on DA this week and thanking all the new watchers, comments and all that, but it's going slow since it's a lot of work! But don't worry, fellas, i'll do my best ;)

Anyway, i think that's all for now (A whole LOT of things happened to me, but i'm getting a little tired and still have lots of stuff to do! so, next time then!), see you on the next journal! Stay awesome, people! Love ya all!

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[Again, all the journal will be in spanish since it's about a spanish con! Sorry, my non-spanish speaker friends! I'll get back to you by next week!]

Hola a todos!

Journal rapidito esta vez porque ando con prisas recogiendolo todo y a punto de largarme de camino a Madrid!

Simplemente os aviso que, como siempre, estaré en Expocomic en el Matadero de Madrid (por si alguien todavía no sabía donde era, con todos los cambios de última hora xD) en el stand de los colegas de :iconstudiowargh: con mis cosillas de siempre más los nuevos posters de Doctor Who (que ya habréis podido ver si me seguís en twitter o estais pendientes de DA!) y algunas promociones muy muy chulas para promocionar la salida de Doctor Wargh, el fanzine más grande por dentro que por fuera! xD

Así que os espero a todos por allí, espero que os paseis aunque sea a saludar y hablar un ratete! (no me seais tímidos y tímidas, que luego me venís al DA a decirme que me visteis y nunca me decís quienes sois en ese moment! xD) Allí os espero! :D
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Since this journal is about a Spanish Con it will be only in spanish, sorry fellas!

Hola a todos! :D

Madre mía, lo descuidado que tengo el DA ultimamente, eh :( Espero ponerle remedio ahora que me he vuelto a hacer premium y actualizar algo más a menudo! (pero no prometo nada, que siempre pasa lo mismo y me vuelvo a desaparecer xD)

Journal cortito para avisar de que estaré en el Salón del Manga de Murcia (me niego a llamarlo por su nombre, me parece horrible) junto con los colegas de :iconstudiowargh: como siempre, vendiendo cosillas, haciendo comissions y haciendo el imbecil (como siempre), así que si teneis pensado pasaros por el Salón al menos pasad a saludar y demás!

Nos vemos allí!
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Hi fellas!

I'm doing some livestream again. I'll be doing some graytones on some comicpages of my own. Come and see! ;)…

Electro out!
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Come and have some fun, fellas! Random music and me screwing up some of my lines with my awful colors! xD Don't miss it!…
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[Spanish only entry, fellas, sorry bout that. Since it's about a spanish con...]

Hola a todos!

Se que aviso con poco tiempo, pero os comento que estaré por Expomanga 2012 en el stand de mis colegas de :iconstudiowargh: vendiendo posters, marcapaginas y commissions baratitas!! Buscadnos en la zona de fanzines y saludad, que siempre es agradable echar unas risas, charlar un rato y conocerse!

Espero veros por ahí ;)

Un saludo!
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[Spanish only, sorry fellas!]

Zagalas y zagalos! Os voy a pedir un favorcete!
Id y votad en los premios populares de expomanga a los colegas de :iconstudiowargh:, que son majos y sanos, apenas se drogan y ni matan elefantes ni nada. Id a… y rellenad la casilla de Mejor Fanzine o Webcomic con "Wargh! 4" y poned tambien vuestro nombre y mail, para poder comprobar (trankis que no mandan spam). Y ya si quereis, pues rellenad el resto de campos con One Piece, que siempre acertareis xD Muchas gracias!!
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Another Daily Deviation, fellas! Never expected it! (As i'll never expect the Spanish Inquisition...boy, those guys are really gonna surprise me whenever they come)

Although i'm very happy about it, i feel kinda embarrased and bad, cause most of the credit should go to my brother :iconxabigazte:, who improved a lot my quick and sloppy lines adding great depth and awesomeness to the illo with his colors. C'mon, he even tried a new colouring style only for that! How cool is that?! I feel SO happy and blessed to have such wonderful friends and coleagues around me who not only help me a lot in developing my style and myself, giving my 120% and always reaching for new horizons, but also SO talented, kind and willing to help. THANK YOU. All of this would be impossible without you.


(Go give :iconatramina: some good old loving too, she did feature the deviation! So BIG THANKS TO YOU, SWEETIE!)

Also! don't forget to visit…, Pulp Comics Magazine's Web and, if you're spanish or do want to help them, buy them some stuff too! If it wasn't for them, that cover wouldn't had been made in the first place! Thanks to them, too!

Anyway! I think that's all, friends. Take care and make a better world!

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Hi everybody!!

I've been eluding this for a while now, but i think this is a good moment to take my time, sit down and update everyone about some changes and news about my life in some things. Some of you may not be interested in this, but i'm gonna write it anyway for the ones who do xD.

Firs of all, i think the most important change would be me leaving Burnin' Flamez studio. HORROR! DOOM! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO NOW!! Calm down, everybody! The studio is still active in :iconthekidkaos:'s hands, our menthor and leader and one of the people i owe most for being today where i am and going in the direction i go. Without him, i wouldn't have even thought about making art my career, nor i could have improved at all in any aspect to take this seriously, so, Pedro: A thousand millons thanks. Nothing that has happened to me and nothing that will happen to me in the future would be possible without you.

Why am i leaving? Well, because it's not stimulating to me anymore. I've been in Burnin' Flamez for four or five years now, and it's starting to wear us down, not only at a creative and artistic level, but also on our inside. I consider every member of the studio a friend of mine (some of them are really close friends to me) and i value that above posters, stands or a little e-fame. I prefer to quit now, walk my own way now that i have the chance, keep their friendship and the possibility of future collaborations instead of going to the point of no return where we could end in a huge fight and break the studio into pieces, leaving as enemies. Burnin' Flamez has filled me up with lots and lots of good moments and memories, and what i've learned and achieved inside the group will be a part of mine all my life, not only at a professional level but also in a personal level. I wanna treasure all that and keep it for a long time although i won't have a steady place at the cons nor the same productive capacity  instead of losing all that in the saddest way.

I know that all this maybe wasn't needed. There have been a lot of members that have come and go before me and they haven't said a word about it, but i consider the studio a very important part of me and in some way, i'm in debt with it, so i believe that it deserves a good farewell speech (and also, a sincere explanation to all of you). Keep an eye on Burnin', Pedro sure has something up his sleeve and they will keep going, no matter what. And their future will be brilliant, for sure!

I've been quiet about the next topic but now i can say it out loud:


That's right, fellas! After last year's Comicon, Arcana entertainment contacted me and they were interested in having me in the next Marlow book. So after a few problems and delays, the book is finally here! You can get it at Arcana's booth at SDCC or at any comic store near you (i suppose!). Grab a copy! It's not my best job, but it's my first professional work, that alone means a lot to me!!

Next topic!
I'm preparing some cool projects with other cool people that, hopefully, would see the light soon (not to be actually published soon but to be a little more public and not only "i'm preparing a project!"). One of them, as you may now, is Ars Arcana. I'm preparing another cool project with a writer that some of you may know, and also "6-shooter", another idea for a comic book that i'm going to grow and develop in the next months. Also, Insert Coin(s), my webcomic comedy about videogames and daily life keeps going slow but steady, soon to be translated to english and get his own website! Hell yeah!

And last, i wann try to be more active and close to people on the internet, show more of what i do and all that, and also to be closer to friends and followers, so here are some links for you to look for me!

Twitter: ElectroCereal
Xbox Live: ElectroCereal (add me so we can play something on xbox! :D)
Steam: ElectroCereal (Team Fortress 2 FTW!)
Tumblr: (recently created! Still not much in it!)

That's all for now! See ya on next journal!

Make the world a better place!



Hola a todos!!

Llevo un tiempo eludiendo esto, pero creo que es un buen momento para tomarme un momentito, sentarme y actualizar a todos sobre una serie de cambios de situación y novedades al respecto de mi vida en varios aspectos. Puede que a algunos esto no os interese, pero voy a escribirlo igualmente para los que si xD

En primer lugar, y creo que el cambio que más puede llamar la atención es mi salida de Burnin' Flamez studio. HORROR! HECATOMBE! QUE HAREMOS AHORA!! Calmaos todos! El estudio sigue en marcha en las manos de :iconthekidkaos:, nuestro mentor y lider y una de las personas a las que más debo el estar donde estoy y ir hacia donde voy. Sin él, no me habría planteado hacer del dibujo mi profesión ni podría haber mejorado en absoluto en ningún aspecto para tomarme esto en serio, así que, Pedro: Mil millones de gracias, nada de lo que ha pasado y pase en el futuro sería posible sin tí. Que por qué me voy? Principalmente porque ha dejado de resultarme estimulante. Llevamos ya unos 4 años con Burnin' Flamez y el desgaste se nota en todos nosotros, no sólo a nivel creativo y artístico, sino a nivel interno. Considero a todos los miembros de Burnin' mis amigos (algunos de ellos son incluso de mis mejores amigos) y eso lo valoro por encima de unos posters, un stand o un poco de reconocimiento en internet. Prefiero salir ahora, seguir por otro camino ahora que tengo la oportunidad de poder moverme individualmente y conservar la amistad de todos ellos y poder seguir colaborando en un futuro antes que llegar a un punto de no retorno en el que pudiera salir del grupo de malas maneras y acabaramos todos peleados. Burnin' Flamez me ha llenado durante muchos momentos y lo que he aprendido y conseguido en el grupo lo llevaré conmigo toda mi vida, no sólo a nivel profesional sino también a nivel personal, quiero atesorar eso y conservarlo durante mucho más tiempo aunque no tenga un sitio fijo en los salones o no tenga la misma capacidad productiva que perderlo todo y de la peor forma.
Se que tal vez esto no hacía falta realmente, al fin y al cabo muchos miembros han entrado y salido antes de mi y no han dicho ni mu al respecto, pero considero al grupo una parte muy importante de mi y me debo en cierta manera a él, así que creo que se merecía una despedida bien hecha (y vosotros una explicación sincera). Seguid al loro con Burnin', seguro que Pedro tiene algo en la manga y seguirán adelante, no importa lo que pase, y su futuro desde luego, será brillante.

He guardado silencio en mayor o menor medida sobre el siguiente tema, pero ahora puedo comentarlo abiertamente.


Así es, amigos! Tras el Comicon del año pasado, conseguí que la editorial Arcana se interesase en mi y me ofreciera dibujar un capítulo del siguiente número de Marlow, su historia de mercenarios, zombis, traición y redención. Tras una serie de problemas y retrasos por mi parte y por la de la editorial, puedo decir que el libro ya está terminado (terminado? está ya impreso! xD) y podeis conseguirlo en el SDCC en el stand de Arcana o en cualquier tienda de comics (supongo!) (lo siento chicos, esto va sólo para residentes de U.S.A.). Echadle un ojo! No es mi mejor trabajo, pero es mi primer comic publicado profesionalmente, y eso me hace ya un mundo!

Por otro lado, ando activo y en secreto, preparando algunos proyectitos con otras personas que puede que vean la luz pronto (bueno, no la luz, pero si que pueda ir comentandoos cosas mas solidas y que no sea sólo "estoy preparando un proyecto"), uno de ellos es, como bien sabeis, Ars Arcana. A Ars se le une otro proyecto junto con una guionista que posiblemente algunos conozcais, y por otro lado "6-Shooter", otra idea para comic que pretendo desarrollar en meses futuros que puede molar mucho. Aparte, Insert Coin(s), mi webcomic de humor sobre videojuegos sigue lento pero seguro, con intención de tener web propia antes de finales de año y traducción al inglés simultanea! Toma ya!

Para ir finalizando, quiero intentar tener una presencia más activa y cercana en internet, enseñar más de lo que hago y eso, así como tener un trato más cercano con amigos y seguidores, así que aquí os dejo algunos links que os digan donde ando ;) Nos vemos por ahi!

Twitter: ElectroCereal
Xbox Live: ElectroCereal (Agregadme y nos echamos unos vicios a la xbox! :D)
Steam: ElectroCereal (Team Fortress 2 FTW!)
Tumblr: (creado hace poco! no hay mucho!)

Eso es todo por ahora, damas y damos! Nos veremos a la siguiente! ;)

Haced del mundo un lugar mejor!

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Browsing Deviantart and noticing there's quite an odd amount of feedback messages should have given me the first hint. But i'm a dork as usual, so i supposed it was just some kind of Correspondence boom or something xD But the feedbacks was not stopping!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!!?!?!?!

I browsed the deviation then, and BOY!!! A DAILY DEVIATION!!!! WATWATWATWATWATWAT!!!! I couldn't believe it!! I truly do not deserve it with all that awesome stuff out there!




to everyone who likes my art and continue giving me great feedback and love, it really is what gives me strenght to push myself harder and become a better artist. I'm in a loss for words and my lousy english really doesn't help to state how thankful i am for this DD and how loved and supported i feel whenever i read any of your comments, even if it's just a simply "this is great!" it means a lot to me, really!

Also, THANKS A BUNCH to :iconphoenixleo: for suggesting the illustration for a DD, none of this would had happened without you in the first place!

And last but not least, MAJOR THANKS to :iconlavah: who did an awesome job on the colors and :iconthekidkaos: for pushing me harder to give my best on the lines, fixing some of my errors and adding the final textures and changes. Without you two none of this would happened too.

I'll try my best from now on, promise.

Make a better world, folks!! Love you! :heart:

P.S: As :icontherockerrabbit: pointed out, i didn't linked the Deviation!! Sorry! Here it is ;)
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´Sup folks!! Quick update just to say i'm opening special commissions to help the victims of Japan's tsunami!!

$5 lines and $10 with simple colors, no bg (well, at least not anything complicated, i'll add colors or some textures, of course). I'll only take busts or waist-up commissions with that price, if you want anything different it'll be at the regular price. Why is that? Because i don't have many comissioners usually, so lowering the price and making it simple its the best way i think to make everything better. It's less money, so your wallets don't scream in agony, and it's quicker for me to do them, so you get your commish in no time.

All the money i get from this comissions is gonna be donated to the Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami relief, i know it won't be a lot of money, but it's better than nothing at all :(

Thank you, fellas!!
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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 6, 2010, 4:34 PM
Y allá vamos por tercera vez!

Burnin'Flamez vuelve a tener presencia en el Expocomic de Madrid.  En estos días iremos subiendo las imágenes en las respectivas galerías de sus autores.

Este año es especialmente importante para nosotros, dado que dejamos un poco de lado nuestros ya clásicos fanarts para apostar por proyectos personales desarrollados en el studio. Algunos viejos que vuelven, otros que llegan para quedarse, pero todos ellos creados con nuestra mayor ilusión y esfuerzo.

Nos gustaría agradecer vuestro apoyo hasta la fecha, sin el cual no habriamos llegado tan lejos, y esperamos seguir contando con vosotros en este nuevo rumbo más ambicioso y personal.

Aquí os dejamos una muestra de lo que ofrecemos en esta edición de Expocomic.

Como nota final, nos gustaría agradecer un año más la compañía de :iconnekroxiii: y :iconbea-gonzalez:, artistazos patrio. No os perdáis las monadas disponibles en su tienda online [13Psyche]!!

Un abrazo, deviants

-the Burnin'Flamez crew-


Sorry for the English speakers, but as this post is about a convention in Spain, the logic is to write it in Spanish. here's an english version of it, so you guys can understand what's going on anyway.

Sooooo here we go for the 3rd time!

Burnin'Flamez has once again a big ass booth at Madrid's Comic con. Along these days we'll go updating our individual galleries with the pics below. This year is very special for us, leaving aside our classic game fanarts, and going hardcore on more personal projects developed in the studio. Some oldies coming back, some brand new ones, but all of them created with our best illusion and effort.

We'd like to thank you for your support till today, without the one we hadn't reached this far, and we hope to keep you on board in this new more ambitious and personal twist. Up there you got a sneak peek of our work for this year's Madrid's Expocomic.

As a final note, we'd like to thank one more time :iconnekroxiii: and :iconbea-gonzalez:, fellow spanish artists. Don't miss all the cute things they got in their online store [13Psyche]!!

Stay cool, devs

-the Burnin'Flamez crew-


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